Warzone Player Claims Title Integration Hindered Its Success

Since its surprise launch in 2020, Warzone has seen the integration of Vanguard and Black Ops Cold War.

With each integration bringing a wealth of weaponry in addition to brand-new maps, several members of the community believe that the new content has injected a breath of fresh air into the battle royale.

Despite the popularity of the integrations, one player claims that embedding new titles into Warzone has hindered its success rather than aligning the game with the theme of the annual Call of Duty releases.

Warzone Integration Success
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Warzone Integration Success

The theory of Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard impacting Warzone comes from Reddit user 'HardGoreHenry' after publishing a lengthy post detailing why title integration did more harm than good.

"Once Cold War came around, that's when Warzone started to become less interesting," claims the user. Prior to its arrival, the user explains how "nothing was comparable" to the levels of realism achieved in the early days of the battle royale.

Once Vanguard launched, the fan states "Warzone fans weren't happy" with the addition of new guns "nobody wanted."

Several players agreed with the statement, claiming Activision realises "the integration of Cold War and Vanguard was a huge mistake."

On the other hand, many commenters were quick to mention that the Verdansk era of the battle royale was far from optimal thanks to numerous bugs and glitches.

Will Modern Warfare II Integrate Into Warzone?

Considering Warzone 2 is in active development, it's unlikely that Modern Warfare II integration will take place within the current iteration of the game. Whether future titles will arrive in the new Warzone game remains to be seen.

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