Warzone Players Request Counter To Incendiary Rounds

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The current state of Warzone is slowly improving thanks to regular updates from Raven Software and a slight delay to Season 2.

Alongside the bugs and glitches impacting the battle royale, players are also asking the developer to add a counter for a particularly annoying ammunition type. Incendiary rounds arrived with Vanguard's integration and skyrocketed in popularity thanks to the additional damage output provided.

As the start of the next season approaches, the idea of a counter to Warzone's fiery bullets sounds like a change that could improve the existing metagame even further.

Warzone Incendiary Rounds Counter
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Warzone Incendiary Rounds Counter

The suggestion comes from one player calling out Raven Software, describing the ammunition as "annoying." Having returned to Warzone, the player claims Incendiary rounds make them want to stop playing again.

Other members of the community were quick to agree with the sentiment, with many demanding a hard counter to reduce the effectiveness of the fire. One player suggested a Perk such as "EOD should counter fire rounds and reduce their damage and prevent plating from being interrupted by the damage over time."

Should Warzone Incendiary Rounds Get Nerfed?

If you ask most Warzone players, they'd welcome a counter to Incendiary rounds with open arms. The change would encourage players to experiment with other ammunition types available, adding some much-needed variety to attachment selection. With Season 2 on the horizon and Raven Software listening to feedback, some kind of counter or an outright nerf is likely to take place.

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