How to Spawn Zombie on Fortune’s Keep in Warzone

Image of a zombie in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Looking for a spooky Warzone easter egg? The latest season of the immensely popular battle royale adds a callback to Call of Duty titles of the past; in particular, their undead-slaying arcade modes. As such, we've got tips on how to spawn a zombie on Fortune's Keep.

This nifty Warzone callback is also a handy way to grab some extra loot. Zombies can drop cash, self revives, and other handy items that always come in useful while you battle to be the last squad standing. Therefore, it's definitely worth completing this little nod if you're in the right area.

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How Do I Spawn a Zombie on Fortune's Keep?

The first step to spawning a zombie in Fortune's Keep is, quite fittingly, heading to the graveyard POI. It's located on the eastern side of this relatively small map, so you should stumble across it quite easily.

Once there, you'll want to start looking for candles that adorn some of the nearby gravestones. To be precise, there are three to look out for across the graveyard. Each one will cause an interaction prompt to pop up. Press the interact button to light each candle, until you've done all three.

From there, the game adds a very nifty callback to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. With all the candles lit, you'll need to follow a laughter sound effect within the graveyard, leading you to a larger gravestone with yellow flowers at the bottom. The prompt on it? Press F to Pay Respects. That's self-awareness if we've ever seen it.

Doing that will cause a solitary zombie to spawn. It doesn't pose too much of threat, because it comes as only one instead of a whole mob. Your best choice is simply to kill it, due to the precious loot it can drop. That includes cash, a self-revive, and other handy equipment. Especially if you do this early on in a match, it can prove game-changing.

Sadly you can only spawn one zombie, as this method won't work on repeat attemtps. As such, you can't live out your dream of playing a full-fledged Zombies mode in Warzone. Instead, it's just a nifty nod to the series' history.

That's it for our guide on how to spawn a zombie in Fortune's Keep! While you're here, feel free to also read up on the Warzone Cash Extraction event that's currently ongoing.

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