How To Get The Komodo Dragon Finishing Move In Cold War And Warzone

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Season 4 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is well underway and as the latest season of post-launch content continues to progress towards the mid-season update, many players have been wondering when one of the most unique Finishing Moves will be making its way to the in-game store. Unlike many of the Finishing Moves on offer, this particular move involves the Komodo Dragon.

In the short history of Warzone, there have been a number of moves that feature animals lending a hand in order to guarantee the kill. Dogs and even Vampire Bats have featured in the fatal manoeuvres in previous seasons but none come close to the extreme violence dealt by the dragon. But how exactly can you get hold of the Komodo Dragon finishing move? Find out in this guide!


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Warzone Komodo Dragon Finishing Move

Even though the FInishing move hasn't been released yet, data miners have managed to obtain it from within the files of Black Ops Cold War. Call of Duty leaker @CallOfDutyLeakz has posted a video of the dragon in action.


As the video shows, the Dragon sweeps the legs from under the unsuspecting opponent before dealing the fatal blow with a bite to the neck. If anything, it's certainly an interesting way to eliminate an enemy over the course of a match.

How To Get The Komodo Dragon Finishing Move

While some Finishing Moves often involve completing some kind of in-game challenge, the process of unlocking the Komodo Dragon Finishing Move in Cold War and Warzone is incredibly straightforward. The item features as part of the Tracer Pack: Salah Operator Bundle which contains Salah, one of three brand-new Operators appearing in Season 4.

To obtain the bundle, simply head to the in-game store and purchase it! Considering the bundle also feature two Legendary weapon blueprints that feature green tracer rounds, it will be one of the more expensive bundles on offer. Expect it to cost 2400 COD Points when it officially releases across Cold War and Warzone.


Featured Image courtesy of National Geographic