Gustavo Operator: How to Unlock in Warzone and Vanguard

As the Season 2.5 update for Warzone and Vanguard approaches, players have their sights set on a variety of all-new content arriving in multiplayer and the popular battle royale. Over the course of the current season, two new playable Operators have appeared, leaving Gustavo as the third and final member of Task Force Yeti to make an appearance.

Operators are a staple of Call of Duty games after debuting in 2019's Modern Warfare. With numerous outfits for a variety of characters, there are plenty of ways for players to stand out from the crowd whether it's on Caldera or on a hectic Shipment match.

With that said, find out how to unlock Gustavo in Warzone and Vanguard in this handy guide in addition to all of the content likely to appear alongside the Operator.

Call of Duty Gustavo Operator
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Gustavo Operator Release Date

Activision hasn't confirmed when Gustavo will appear in Warzone and Vanguard multiplayer. We can expect the Operator to arrive as part of the Season 2.5 update expected to arrive at the beginning of March.

How to Unlock Gustavo Operator

Information on how to unlock Gustavo hasn't appeared yet but it's highly likely his arrival will bear plenty of similarities to other Operators that arrive at the halfway point of a season.

Rather than working your way through the Battle Pass or completing a challenge, the likely method will involve parting ways with some COD Points. Gustavo should appear as part of a store bundle containing a variety of cosmetic items ranging from Calling Cards to exclusive weapon blueprints at a cost of 2400 COD Points.

Once we know more about Gustavo's arrival, we will update this guide with all the latest information on how to get your hands on him as quickly as possible.

Is The Gustavo Operator Bundle Worth It?

If you're collecting all of the Operators available in Vanguard and Warzone, purchasing Gustavo is a must. As one of few masked characters, the Operator is one of the more unique arrivals since Vanguard arrived in November 2021.

In addition to the Operator, the content included in the bundle is highly likely to stand out from the crowd with a high possibility of an Armaguerra 43 SMG blueprint being included.

Once we've taken a look at all of the content available alongside Gustavo, we will update the article on whether we think obtaining the Operator bundle is worth your COD Points.

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