Warzone April 19 Update Gives Players Free Self Revive

Update 1.56 for Warzone added a wealth of changes to the battle royale before the launch of Season 3.

Alongside the appearance of a brand-new limited-time mode, Raven Software shared details on guaranteed in-game events that will take place during all matches.

The latter stages of a match mean loot is at a minimum which can put players returning from the Gulag at a disadvantage. In a bid to level the playing field, the guaranteed events allow players to resupply and earn a free Self Revive Kit in addition to discounts provided by a Fire Sale.

Warzone Free Self Revive

Despite explaining its reasoning behind the change, players were quick to criticise Raven Software for allowing players to get their hands on a free Self Revive Kit during the fourth circle of a game. Reddit user 'Mrheadshot0' questions Raven Software's decision in a recent post.

While they're not against the idea of having guaranteed events take place in every match, the user claims adding a Fire Sale takes away the mystery of guessing whether an opponent has a Self Revive in the back pocket. "This just makes it obvious every single player has one."

It's not just the thought of all remaining players having the ability to earn a second chance that is concerning. Other members of the community are fearing the return of "Advanced UAV spam" which shows the exact location of all players left standing. "Why do they bring back objectively bad experiences when they know players don't like them?"

It's unclear as to how the changes will impact Warzone in the immediate future but if we look back at how Raven Software changed Loadout Drops, the developer is open to adjusting various mechanics based on player feedback. Let's not rule out the prospect of free Self Revives until they've received a fair shot.

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