DrDisrespect loses his patience with Call of Duty Warzone and will be taking a break from it

DrDisrespect has burned out on Call of Duty Warzone. The new Call of Duty season is here, and it may have drawn many fans, but DrDisrespect was not one of them. The game seemed to produce many problems for him, which led to his decision to drop it altogether.

(He starts venting at 4:36:15)

DrDisrespect has been dealing with many issues in Call of Duty Warzone. Aside from the insane lag between himself and his teammate ZLaner, he generally has to deal with cheap strategies employed by his enemies. Despite that, he said it no longer brings him joy, and he is just waiting for his tournament to be over. To quote the Two-Time:

“If it’s not obvious, it should be, I have no interest in playing this game. Especially with this map and season, it didn’t grab me, I really gotta stop playing it, and I will. I got one tournament champs, and then we’ll try to figure things out, try to take a break from Warzone,” he added. “It’s just such a bland experience for me. Like, the little cheesy s*** is kind of wearing me down. Things that you just don’t want to deal with.”

DrDisrespect held it together in Call of Duty Warzone until lag cost him a match.

DrDisrespect lagged during a gunfight during his April 30 stream. It made him an easy target, and the enemy killed him quickly because of it. In his own words:

“My connection is tripping man. Did you guys see that? I wasn’t even moving and he slid off of the staircase. No joke. No f***ing way man. It’s unplayable.”

Even though DrDisrespect has a single tournament left, it sounds like he has been preparing for this departure for some time. He has been streaming PUBG, Valorant, Apex Legends, and might be starting Outriders. No one knows how long he may be gone, but it’s safe to say he won’t be back for the rest of Season 3.

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