Warzone Players Demand Overhaul Of Cold War Weaponry Before Vanguard Integration

As Season 5 of Warzone continues to work its way towards the start of Season 5 Reloaded and the mid-season update, many players have already turned their attention to Call of Duty: Vanguard's release and its integration with the battle royale. With a wealth of new weaponry expected to arrive when Vanguard releases, some players have already expressed their concerns surrounding the potential of the Cold War weapons continuing to dominate the metagame.

Since their addition, the Cold War weaponry has become the best to use with weapons such as the Krig 6 assault rifle often found in the loadouts of players dropping into Verdansk and Rebirth Island. As Vanguard's integration nears, players are calling for an overhaul of the Cold War arsenal in order to restore some kind of balance.

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Warzone Cold War Weapon Overhaul

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Even though the integration of Vanguard is a few months away, Reddit user 'Numroth' shared their thoughts with the community discussing "the state of CW guns" and how they could continue to overshadow the rest of the Warzone arsenal. The main reason the player believes that an overhaul is in order is down to the lack of visual recoil that appears when firing a weapon from Black Ops Cold War. If the recoil remains low, the weapons will maintain their place in the metagame and may even surpass the performance of Vanguard's weaponry.

"CW weapons as a whole needs to get a visual recoil overhaul similar to MW and Vanguard weapons," the user states. Many believe that the different engine used for Black Ops Cold War is the reason why the weapons feel so different, and with Vanguard using the same engine as Modern Warfare, it's likely that the weapons will feel very similar.

Considering plenty of work from a number of studios is going into the release of Vanguard, it's unlikely Raven Software will be making such drastic changes to a small selection of weaponry just yet. Depending on their performance once Vanguard is integrated, we may see some changes then but until then, the Black Ops Cold War weapons continue to dominate Verdansk.

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