CDL Resurgence Rebirth Island: Results, Prize Pool, and Everything We Know

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Competitive Warzone tournaments are nothing new. Events featuring tens of thousands in prize money and a variety of formats have proven a hit for those looking to watch the very best players showcasing their skills.

As part of the Season 2 Reloaded update, Activision announced the battle royale would join forces with the Call of Duty League (CDL) to host CDL Resurgence Rebirth Island, an event that gives casual players a chance to compete against pro players.

With that said, find out how to compete in the CDL Resurgence Rebirth Island event along with all the details in our hub.

CDL Resurgence Rebirth Island Event
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CDL Resurgence Rebirth Island Results

After a close battle between the LA Guerrillas and Team TiberiousKhan, the Guerrillas managed to emerge victorious. Check out a full list of results below.

Place Team Prize Money
1stLA Guerrillas$30K
2ndTeam TiberiousKhan$20K
3rdNew York Subliners$15K
4thAtlanta FaZe$10K
5thParis Legion$5K
6thTeam Diverge$4K
7thSeattle Surge$4K
8thLA Thieves$4K
9thTeam Haha$4K
10thTeam GOATs$4K

How To Sign Up For CDL Resurgence Rebirth Island

Instead of being closed off to invited competitors, all Warzone players in North America and can stream on YouTube are eligible to compete. Unfortunately, the competition isn't open to Europeans but the CDL is looking at the potential of hosting a tournament for the region at a later date.

For those that are eligible, here's how to register:

  • Head to the GameBattles website and log into your account.
  • Find some teammates and create one on the website between March 23 and April 7 before rosters lock.
  • Jump into the CDL Resurgence Quads playlist from April 5-6.
  • Try to finish in the top 40 teams to secure a place in the qualifiers.

CDL Resurgence Rebirth Island Prize Pool

Those that manage to make it through the qualifiers and into the Grand Final will be battling for a share of $100K in prize money. An exact prize breakdown hasn't appeared yet but as soon as it does, we will update this article with all the latest intel.

CDL Resurgence Rebirth Island
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CDL Resurgence Rebirth Island Format and Schedule

Before players get to compete for the cash, there are several qualifying rounds to work through. Check out the full schedule of the event along with the format below!


  • Round 1 Qualifier: April 11-14 with four groups of ten squads attempting to qualify for Round 2. 20 teams will advance.
  • Round 2 Qualifier: April 15 - Two groups of ten play for semi-final spaces. Eight teams will move on to the next round.
  • Semi-Finals: April 24 - Another two groups of ten drop in alongside six CDL franchises in each. The top five from each semi-final will make their way into the Grand Final.
  • Grand Finals: 10 teams will face off for a chance to win the prize money.


The format features minimal differences from other Warzone tournaments. The qualifiers will take place over a four-map series while the Grand Final will be held over six maps. Here's how squads can earn points:

  • 1 Point per Elimination
  • 1st - 2x Score Multiplier
  • 2nd/3rd - 1.5x Score Multiplier
  • 4th/10th - 1x Score Multiplier

CDL Rebirth Resurgence Teams

Team Players
GOATsFaZe Bloo, zepti, Lonnerdd, Luvey
JackalGetsCarriedJackal, Jonnybro, Drifts, Slimeydookie
UnderratedRumblex1, LvkaTTV, Jony2kk, Devo
Team DivergeAlohaMy, Deniro, IntenseV0,
HahaKnofe, Sinycity, cEighth, OhItsArbiter
Dad BodsEbatez, Ryda, Djmas23, Finessen
TiberiousKhanXenoN, EyeQew, picNICK, Nickool
Grev&CoGrev, Luxecution, PRAY3RS, TorronixTV
London Royal RavensAfro, Gismo, Nastie, Jukeyz
Los Angeles ThievesTommey, Rated, Almond, Newbz
New York SublinerszSmit, Aydan, Knight, DillLive
Atlanta FaZeSuperEvan, FaZe Booya, Swagg, Biffle
OpTic TexasSebasBaron, Holly, Karma, ZLaner
Toronto UltraHeisman, Chrxnicle, Overgirl, Royalize
Los Angeles GuerrillasApathy, HusKerrs, UnRationaL, ScummN
Minnesota RokkrLoony, Standy, Priestahh, Blazt
Florida MutineersVivid, Skyz, Davpadie, Willet
Seattle Surgekenzrosey, Braalik, exachtt, ForeignJase
Paris Legionskullface, WarsZ, Ottereyes, Validhands
Boston BreachZed, Capsidal, Methodz, Censor

With the qualifiers now concluded, the teams competing in the semi-finals have been revealed. Alongside the 12 CDL franchises, the qualifiers from the CDL Rebirth Resurgence playlist will compete for a chance to earn a place in the final. Check out the full list of participants in the table above.

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