Warzone Season 4: How To Get The Minigun In Call of Duty: Warzone

Before the launch of Season 4, vaults were made available for players around Verdansk.

Now with Warzone entering the next chapter, a new reward is being added for completing the Bunker 11 Easter Egg - the minigun!

How To Get The Minigun In Warzone

To obtain the minigun, you need to have opened up Bunker 11 in Warzone.

Check out our guide to completing the Bunker 11 Easter Egg here.

Once you have gained access to Bunker 11, head the stairs and into the main room. Head right through the double doors and it will be located in the immediate lefthand corner.

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Photo via @ModernWarzone

This weapon has 300 bullets and only two of them are available.

THEY ADDED A MINI GUN TO WARZONE!!! pic.twitter.com/ob8XAuqKJC
— 100T NoahJ456 (@NoahJ456)
June 11, 2020

This is potentially a foreshadowing to what's to come in Warzone, with many rumours detailing a Juggernaut mode coming in the future.

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Photos via @TheMW2Ghost

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