Call of Duty: Warzone: Players Call For Removal Of Roze’s Rook Operator Skin

Despite the best efforts of developer Raven Software, Season One for Call of Duty: Warzone has certainly been a turbulent experience for players.

At the beginning of Season One, the entire Black Ops Cold War weapon arsenal was integrated into the battle royale alongside the release of brand-new map Rebirth Island.

The drastic shift to the somewhat stable metagame caused immense frustration across the community, with the controversial DMR 14 tactical rifle quickly becoming the strongest weapon in the game by some margin.

Alongside the additions of new weaponry, a variety of game-breaking bugs have plagued the experience of millions of players.

Whether it was players utilising the unlimited stim glitch or players freezing when attempting to access their loadout from a Loadout Drop, it has been far from smooth sailing for one of the most popular BR titles.

The latest issue to cause debate within the community is Operator Roze’s Rook skin which renders players invisible when hiding in a dark area of the map.

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Rook Operator Skin

The Operator skin could be earned by reaching Tier 100 of the Season 5 Battle Pass and as some players are now unable to unlock the skin, some are calling Warzone a "pay-to-win" title.

As calls for the skin to be removed from Warzone altogether, HeyBucko Warzone uploaded a video to YouTube to show why the issue needs to be dealt with.

As the player enters the building unaware of an opponent hiding in close proximity, they come under fire from the invisible Operator and are eliminated from the game.

As soon as the player is out of action, the Operator skin loads in as if they were there for the entire time.

Will It Be Removed?

Given the significant in-game advantage that the Rook skin possesses, it’s no surprise to see widespread frustration on yet another issue that can have a huge impact on the course of a match.

Raven Software has yet to respond to the bug, but it is likely that it will be addressed in some capacity in the not-too-distant future.

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