Warzone: Recon Bomb Drone Killstreak Found In-Game

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Have you ever strapped some C4 to a Recon Drone in Warzone?

You're probably not alone there as it is a popular technique to deal with stubborn campers; especially after the throwing mechanic was nerfed.


Now it looks like Infinity Ward has implemented something to make your life easier in the form of Recon Bomb Drone.

I can already hear the groaning now - but it looks like players have a new killstreak to play with.

Warzone Adds New Bomb Drone Killstreak

u/hefy123 managed to come across this bizarre killstreak in Warzone recently whilst exploring a Red Card Bunker.


The new killstreak 'Bomb Drone' is just sat on the floor waiting for someone to grab it and unleash hell.

So I found this new "Bomb Drone" in a red key card bunker during a private match today.

As you can imagine, it is simply a Recon Drone with C4 attached to it.


Players can fly it around as normal and press LB or L1 to detonate it. We can imagine there is a distance limitation on using the killstreaks just like the original Recon Drone has.

You may not have had time to explore Verdansk since the release of Black Ops Cold War, but it looks like Infinity Ward is still stealth dropping new things into the game.

Recently, the RC-XD killstreak was spotted in-game in a similar instance; no doubt to start the Black Ops Cold War crossover.

Was this intentional or not? It doesn't seem to have had many reports so far and certainly isn't appearing in the shop for players to buy.


Perhaps we'll hear more about it once the Season 6 battle pass finishes. Could it be added in Season 7?

A lot of strange things are being changed and added in Warzone with little explanation and hopefully, more information will be provided soon.

If you want to get one for yourself, try your luck and access a Red Key Card bunker.