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Warzone Season 4 Playlist Update Removes 200 Player Battle Royale, Adds Stimulus Trios


Warzone Season 4 is in full swing, and it's time for another playlist shakeup.


Infinity Ward has confirmed another change, removing the 200-player Battle Royale mode and adding a new way for trios to play together.

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Warzone Season 4: Playlist Update

In a Tweet from the developer's account, Infinity Ward confirmed that 200-player BR is out, but their removal brings Stimulus Trios into play.

📢A playlist update for #Warzone is going out now across all platforms! This update removes the BR 200 playlist, adds BR Quads back into the submenu, and brings BR Stimulus Trios into the mix!

— Infinity Ward (@InfinityWard)

July 8, 2020

Wondering what Stimulus Trios entails? We've got you covered. Stimulus mode removes the Gulag and instead allows for automatic respawn on the map if players have enough cash. Everyone starts with $4500 - the amount required to buy them back.

The kicker is that if you end up buying upgrades, you could find yourself without the funds to re-enter the arena.

Quads, the popular four-person squad-based Battle Royale mode is back in the top layer of the menu, too.

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