Warzone Player Finds Leatherface's House In Verdansk

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The Haunting of Verdansk is now live in Call of Duty, and one fan found one of the spookiest areas on the map.

Warzone is truly decked out for Halloween, with a night setting, jump scares, and even plenty of ghostly figures.


Turns out, you can find the horrendous Leatherface's home within the confines of the map.

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Leatherface's House Is In Warzone

While you can purchase the character as a cosmetic in the store, one player found the cannibalistic killer's home.


Located just east of the Farmland POI, check it out below (courtesy of The Legendary Borac).

Inside, players can hear the terrifying revving of a chainsaw, as well as see what looks like chunks of flesh on the table.

While it does look like Leatherface is home, it's nonetheless pretty eerie listening to the floorboards creak.


Moving into the attic, we see the lumbering killer's ghost jumping from one side of the room to the other.

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