Call of Duty: Warzone: Infinity Ward Talks About 'Fortnite-Like' Events

Infinity Ward’s Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki, sits down for an interview with VentureBeat to talk 'Warzone narrative', and how they plan on keeping things fresh.

Since the very first season, the studio has used in-game intro cinematic to give us bite-sized pieces of narrative.

The second season saw the return of Ghost, whilst the third featured Alex. 

Kurosaki says the studio is looking at continuing the story through seasons and showcasing to fans a deeper look into the overall story of the universe.

"We’ve talked a lot in the past about whether games like Fortnite have a narrative. I would say yes, absolutely. I’d say Warzone does as well. But for me, it’s in a genre and a tone that I greatly prefer"


He also briefly mentioned how the studio is looking at Fortnite-like events that fit the Warzone and Modern Warfare universe, after VentureBeat mentioned Fortnite's black hole event.

VentureBeat pressed on, bringing up other Fortnite events, and Kurosaki replied with:

"That’s exactly the kind of thing that we’re working on, that we have planned. Again, it’s all going to fit into this macro that we’ve established in Modern Warfare, and that we’ve continued into Warzone. If you know who the players are in Modern Warfare, it’ll all make sense, and it’ll all feel appropriate to the universe".

I think it's safe to say Warzone hasn't even gotten close to hitting its peak yet, and we're going to be receiving some very exciting content over the coming months, keep your eyes peeled and be sure to bookmark this page for more info.

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