Call of Duty: Warzone: How To Watch The $50K Code Green Warzone Tournament With Shroud, Ninja And More

BoomTV and CashApp have put a twist on popular Code Red tournament series, switching it to Code Green to put together a massive competition for CoD: Warzone.

Popular influencers from the gaming world, including top streamers, pro players, major figures in esports, and more will be taking part for a split of a $50k cash prize.

You can find everything you need to know about today's competition, including the schedule, teams, format, and how YOU can win a share of a $20,000 giveaway.

Where Can I Watch It And When?

The Warzone tournament takes place tonight, Thursday, March 19, kicking off at 8PM GMT. It's scheduled to last for five hours, so it should end around 1AM GMT.

It's being livestreamed on CashApp's official Twitch channel, which you can find here!

But you can also check out most of the participants on their streams too.

Whos Competing? 

The competition has an incredible 45 teams in total, each team features three players as Trios is the only team choice in the Warzone playlist.

  • Myth, Mendo, TheBck
  • Nate Hill, FunkBomb, ZooMaa
  • Hitch, Blake, Jorge
  • Marksman, Aladdin, Attach
  • Aydan, Shotzzy, iLLeYY
  • NiceWigg, Hill_APEX, Nokokopuffs
  • Crowder, Merk, Maven
  • Trick2g, Shiphter, Cookiemanman
  • LyndonFPS, Triv, Rhino
  • Pamaj, Swagg, Speros
  • Vikkstar, itzwarsz, Vapulear_
  • Nadeshot, Scump, Cloakzy
  • Karma, Ricky, Yogi
  • GlitterXplosion, jeffclive, KaneQuake
  • TeePee, Clayster, Crimsix
  • JakenBake, OverpoweredOW, Solved
  • chocoTaco, vsnz, chun
  • dizzy, TSM Reps, Albralelie
  • GoldGlove, Meyers Leonard, TmarTn
  • Barstool Sports, Barstool Gaming, Kurt Benkert
  • NickEh30, Bonsaibroz, MonsterDFace
  • JoshOG, HusKerrs, Diegosaurs
  • TSM Viss, Kraftyy, TannerSlays
  • Arcitys, aBeZy, Priestahh
  • QuarterJade, Masayoshi, Sykkuno
  • Halifax, Anthony Kongphan, DrasseL
  • Trainwrecks, FeLo, AquA
  • Envoy, Havok, 2Pac,
  • Dr Disrespect, FormaL, DougisRaw
  • HighDistortion, Tennp0, NICKMERCS
  • xQcOW, m0xyy, aimbotcalvin
  • KingRichard, Zepaaa, Lymaax
  • WeAreLostKings, Feldmoon, AlmxndTV
  • CHANKISSUPREME, ohi2u, traumattv
  • Ninja, summit1g, DrLupo
  • daltoosh, zachmazer, TSM Imperial
  • Bloo, BobbyPoffGaming, babydillster
  • Shroud, Bnans, just9n
  • iiTzTimmy, aceu, retzi,
  • H3CZ, Hutch, Di3seL
  • FEDMYSTER, Dyrus, Metaphor
  • Katie Bedford, StuDyy, ProoFy
  • 72hrs, TBD, TBD
  • pokelawls, TBD, TBD


the final placements will be determined by the total number of kills that each squad got during the top 5 of their matches.

  • The tournament is on PC & Console
  • It will be public matchmaking - All players must be on NA servers
  • The players must have Crossplay enabled
  • The players must have a 1 Minute stream delay
  • Teams will be allowed to finish their final game after the 5 hour time limit is up
  • Teams are allowed to leave games early.
  • There is no limit on the number of games each team can play
  • Kills determine the placements, the kills will be added up from a teams top 5 games

The Prize Money

The prize money will be split amongst the top 10 teams:

  • 1st Place: $15,000
  • 2nd Place: $12,000
  • 3rd Place: $6,000
  • 4th: $4,400
  • 5th: $3,300
  • 6th: $2,700
  • 7th: $2,100
  • 8th: $1,800
  • 9th: $1,500
  • 10th: $1,200

How YOU can win a share of the $20,000 giveaway

CashApp is running a promotion for this event by giving away a total $20,000 in prizes to viewers throughout the day.

In order for a chance to win some cash, all you have to do is watch CashApps Twitch stream and type your $CashTag in the chat when prompted.

Good luck! 

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