How To Get The Stem The Tide Warzone Blueprint

Season Two for Call of Duty’s immensely popular battle royale, Warzone, is in full swing.

The new season has bought in a wealth of content across several areas of the game, including new playable Operators, new weapons, and so much more.

Since the release of Warzone in 2020, there have been a wide variety of weapon blueprints released for every single weapon in the arsenal, providing exclusive visual patterns and a combination of attachments to use.

One of the more popular weapons to use in Warzone is the M4A1 from Modern Warfare thanks to its deadly mid-range accuracy and rapid rate of fire.

One of the blueprints available for the M4A1 is Stem The Tide, armed with a sleek blue finish and a lethal attachment combination.

Here’s how to unlock the blueprint.

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How To Unlock Stem The Tide Warzone Blueprint

Stem The Tide Blueprint Warzone
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This particular blueprint made its debut all the way back in Season 4 of Modern Warfare, meaning that it cannot be unlocked by working through the Season Two Battle Pass.

The only way to unlock the blueprint is by purchasing the “SERE Kit: Mid-Range” bundle from the in-game store.

The bundle costs 1200 COD Points and also comes with an MP7 blueprint, Calling Card, Emblem, and Spray.

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Stem The Tide Blueprint Attachments

All blueprints come with a pre-set combination of attachments, but what sets this particular blueprint apart from the rest, is that this combination is actually extremely good for aggressive and fast-paced play.

Find the full list of attachments below:

  • Monolithic Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • Corvus Custom Marksman (Barrel)
  • No Stock (Stock)
  • 60 Round Mags (Ammunition)

This combination of attachments is ideal for Warzone. The monolithic suppressor provides an increase in damage range while the huge magazine reduces the need to reload after every single engagement.

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