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Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4: How To Use The Gas Mask In The Modern Warfare Battle Royale


If you find yourself a long way away from being inside the next circle, the Gas Mask may be one of the most important items in Warzone.


Having one of these masks can result in getting back into the match, just when you think you are gone. 

Here's how to use the Gas Mask and how to find one.

How To Use The Gas Mask

To use the Gas Mask in Warzone, you simply need to pick one up - you do not need to press any extra button.

Once you have one in your possession, you're all set and it will activate automatically.


Be careful when exiting the gas because your Operator will pull the mask off and this can obstruct your vision if an opponent is on the other side.

Gas masks can be found in loot crates and rewarded for completing contracts.

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