Call of Duty: Warzone: Changes That Need to Be Made to The Modern Warfare Battle Royale

Now a week since its release across PS4, Xbox and PC, Call of Duty: Warzone has quickly asserted its authority on the battle royale genre.

We have seen plenty of popular streamers and pro players give their thoughts on things that either need to be altered and things that need to be altered to make them more balanced and to improve the overall playability of the game.

We list five things that need to be changed and modified as the hype surrounding Warzone shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

1) Remove Utility from the Gulag

When transported to the Gulag, players have the opportunity to get back into the action by winning a 1v1 duel with another fallen opponent.

In its current state, it is very easy to win the duel by using your utility to slow down and disorientate your opponent, all but guaranteeing the kill.

In order to make this a much more level playing field, removing all utility to make the 1v1 battle all down to who has the faster aim and the superior accuracy would make the Gulag more competitive for all who enter it.


2) Increase the Loadout Drop Price

Currently priced at $6000, the Loadout Drop Marker allows players to call in a drop allowing them to select one of ten custom loadouts to use in the game.

The current metagame sees players arming themselves with an Assault Rifle and a Sniper Rifle with a thermal scope attached, allowing players to see an opponent from the furthest possible distances.

With everyone running this combination of weaponry, the meta is currently a bit stale and with players only needing $6K to get access to their desired loadout means that it isn’t very rewarding when you do get your hands on the perfect loadout.

Increasing the price of the Loadout Drop Marker to $15,000 means that getting your hands on a customised loadout is much more valuable and makes a huge difference to you and your team.

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3) More Playlists!

It’s only been a week but players are already looking for new ways to play Warzone. With most BR games having multiple playlists including solo, duo and squad playlists, it’s likely that Infinity Ward will be adding additional playlists in the coming weeks.

Introducing a solo, duos and potentially increasing the size of a squad to four or five would allow players even more ways to play Warzone, without the need of playing in a team where teammates may not be the most co-operative.


4) Footsteps

Footsteps in Warzone and Modern Warfare have always been a hot topic of conversation within the Call of Duty community.

Footstep audio appears to be an issue in Warzone, with players finding it hard to tell if there is an enemy nearby or whether it’s their teammates running in close proximity.

It needs to be clearer for players to distinguish how close a player is to their respective location.

If the audio improves, players will be able to anticipate enemy movements much better, allowing them to make a better decision when it comes to making a play.


5) Rocks

There are certain areas where climbing over a rock is the only way to access a particular area of the map.

For example, when trying to climb a cliff in certain areas of the map, player movement is often clunky, hindering the progress of a player to their desired location.

The hindering of movement often results in players getting stuck in the map and turning into a guaranteed kill for an opponent.

Hopefully, this is an issue that gets rectified in the coming weeks and months as it is becoming problematic especially when there is plenty of rocky terrain in the final few circles of a game.

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