Call of Duty: Warzone Annoying Bug Has Players Completely Avoiding Airport

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Players have found an annoying wall breach glitch in CoD: Warzone that's ruining Airport and other points of interest on the map for them.

 Warzone has received a lot of praise since the time it was released, breaking records with its numbers in the first 24 hours, almost a month later and it's as popular as ever.


However, it’s impossible to deny that cheaters and hackers are ruining the battle royale experience for everyone else.

The aimbotters and unlimited health god mode glitches are just the tip of the iceberg, players are finding new ways to unfairly snatch the W in Verdansk.

The issue has gotten out of control, so much so that Infinity Ward announced on March 31 that they’ve already permanently banned 50,000 players caught cheating or using hacks.



On 31st March, Reddit user derkerburgl showed himself being killed by an invisible being, with shots seemingly coming out of thin air.

It soon became apparent that he was actually being shot THROUGH A WALL! But unfortunately, he had no hope of anticipating the gunfire or responding to it at all, which must be incredibly frustrating, especially when there were only 25 left in the game.

It seems other players have reported various wall breach spots, and a number of eagle-eyed respondents mentioned the possibility of it having something to do with a nearby truck.

They say that the way the truck was parked (in such a narrow space,) the game simply forced the player into the wall when they exited the vehicle as there was no space for them to actually stand there.


With 50,000 players already permanently banned from the game, it's most likely that Infinity Ward is working particularly hard on identifying cheaters and repeat offenders to make sure issues such as these don’t persist.

But, at least for now, if you spot a truck in a narrow gap at Airport... RUN!