Arsenal Star Bukayo Saka Has a Warzone Rivalry With Manchester United Star Jadon Sancho

Call of Duty: Warzone is well known for attracting gamers of all kinds. Arsenal star Bukayo Saka and Manchester United star Jadon Sancho are two of them. Off the field, they compete against each other on Warzone servers.

They have a talent for competition, which bleeds into their gameplay. Despite his desire to stay peaceful and use the game to relax, Bukayo Saka loves to get competitive with Jadon Sancho. Saka gets more than he bargained for from Sancho.

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When speaking in BBC Sounds' podcast Press X to Continue, Saka described Call of Duty Warzone as:

"Happiness and peace at the same time, I think everything that's going on in your life goes to the side, and you just focus on the game... And as long as you're enjoying the game, that's why I like gaming. It's always a good place… Nowadays when I play games, it's more to have fun. But of course, when I'm playing, I want to win."

When asked who the best he's ever played against was, Saka said:

"Jadon Sancho, he's very good at Call of Duty: Warzone. He's too good, he takes it too seriously, you know what I'm saying? When I play, I play to enjoy... But I think he's playing to be at the top, be the best. But yeah, he's (Sancho) definitely the best I've played with."

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The best rivalries aren't hostile but are instead a place of fun. As in his sport, Saka shows great sportsmanship and is an awesome role model in gaming.

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