A Bounty Hunter Black Market Revealed for Warzone Stream Snipers Targetting TimTheTatman, Kalei, and More

Warzone is a popular destination for hackers, stream snipers, and cheaters, and it seems that all three can make money from this. A Discord server offers real bounties for stream snipers to ruin popular content creators' streams. The bounty is considered complete as soon as the streamer ends their stream for the day out of frustration.

The information was revealed by a Warzone stream sniper called 'IHACKFORTHEWIN.' The stream sniper had no shame in pointing out that there are numerous streamers with bounties, including TimTheTatman, Kalei, Tommey, MuTeX, and Symfuhny. There is no doubt that this list includes most other popular content creators as well.

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Warzone Stream Sniper Bounty

We were surprised enough to discover Warzone's highly profitable cheating economy; now we have to deal with an extension of it. While the developers cannot be held responsible for cyberbullying, they are trying to stop all forms of stream sniping with their new anti-cheat that will be released soon. Meanwhile, we'll have to put up with people who ruin games for others for monetary gain.

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This tweet, found by my friend Alec Mullins, a talented writer from Dexerto, explains this weird bounty system.

So many streamers responded to this, and apparently, things became a lot clearer.

Streamers realized they were being targeted so harshly because there was money to be gained. Unfortunately, this also means that they cannot stop it until they know who pays and what Discord specifically.

Whoever pays for these bounties is getting their money's worth because this problem only worsens over time. Hopefully, someone can find the Discord, or the anti-cheat puts an end to this.

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