Best No Recoil MP5 Cold War Attachments

Despite receiving a nerf early on in the game, the MP5 in Cold War is a strong contender for one of the best weapons in the SMG category.

Now in Season 2, many players are opting to revert back to this strong SMG due to its consistency and versatility in options.

For those looking for a weapon with more options than the AK74u, the MP5 is certainly a viable alternative.

Here is the best class to make the MP5 have virtually no recoil! 



Finding the best attachments for your Warzone loadout is always one of the trickier aspects of the game. 

The MP5 features some attachments that will drastically lower your recoil, to the point in which it basically has none! 

Try these attachments to yield the best results: 

  • Sound Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • 9.5" Reinforced Heavy (Barrel)
  • SFOD Speedgrip (Underbarrel)
  • 40 RND Speed Mag (Magazine)
  • SASR Jungle Grip (Handle)

This set of attachments will allow you to dominate the opposition in any scenario imaginable.

This should yield almost no recoil, but be sure to let us know what attachments you are finding the most luck with! 

As well, let us know how you are finding the new season of Warzone! 


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