What Are The Best CR-56 AMAX Warzone Attachments?

drop-offThe CR-56 Amax is becoming a popular rifle for anyone looking for a flexible weapon in Season 2 of Warzone.

While it's not at the top end of the metagame, this assault rifle is extremely popular thanks to its impressive damage output and seemingly limitless customisation options.

The CR-56 Amax is an interesting rifle, as it's Infinity Ward’s take on the Galil AR; which featured in Black Ops 1.

Despite this, Treyarch also felt the need to reference that iconic weapon with the FARA 83.

Here are the best attachments for the CR-56 AMAX in Warzone.

CR-56 AMAX Best Attachments

The lightweight 7.62 x 39mm full-auto assault rifle is compact and powerful. Built exclusively for military use, the standard issue rifle is deadly at mid-range combat and easily configured for a variety of assault tactics.

As always, adding some sort of barrel to improve damage output and decrease damage drop off at longer ranges will be the key to make it effective at distance.

Along with a barrel, including stock on your loadout is integral to maximise mobility and to make the CR-56 lethal in every possible situation.

After a bit of time testing out several different combinations of attachments on the CR-56, we’ve found three loadouts that suit every single style of play.

This first CR-56 loadout is perfect for staying hidden on the map and packs a hefty punch in mid-range gunfights.

CR-56 Amax Loadout Guide
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  • Monolithic Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • XRK CR-56 Stippled Grip Tape (Rear Grip)
  • XRK Zodiac S440 (Barrel)
  • Merc Foregrip (Foregrip)
  • 45 Round Mags (Magazine)

This attachment combination provides plenty of stability when engaging with a target at range and despite the addition of a suppressor, the damage is still extremely high with kills only taking four bullets in most scenarios.

If you're looking for some alternatives, why not give the VLK 3.0x Optic a go for a clean shot at a distance.

The XRK Gatekeeper is also great for aiming stability at a distance.

If you really want to pack a punch at range, turning the CR-56 into more of a battle rifle, why not try the M67 10-R Mags?

For a full breakdown on CR-56 AMAX classes, click here.

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