Best Bullfrog Warzone Blueprints

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Season 2 of Cold War is underway and the Bullfrog SMG is still as popular as ever.

Bearing a heavy resemblance to the PP19 Bizon from Modern Warfare, this SMG has quickly become a hot property.


There are some amazing loadouts you can craft with the Bullfrog but there are also some stellar blueprints you may already have access to.

Here are some of the best ones in Warzone.



Below are some of the best blueprints that you may already have within your locker, or that can be purchased via the in-game store.



Torch Bearer

Starting off our list is one of the most gorgeous Bullfrog blueprints within the game as of now. 


Torch Bearer offers some amazing attachments, including the 85 Round Fast Magazine; which is more than enough ammo! 




Next on our list is another gorgeous weapon in the Violettor. 

This blueprint a more traditional take on the Bullfrog; as the optic chosen for this blueprint will be favored by more players than the Torch Bearer variant. 




Image via GameAtlas 

Rounding off our list is another blueprint that is rather unique.

The Motorcade blueprint differs as it does not feature a stock on the Bullfrog.

Making it one of the best options for close range encounters!