Best AS VAL Warzone Blueprints

The AS-VAL was one of the last unlockable weapons to come out of the Modern Warfare era.

It comes with a variety of different loadout options that players will no doubt want to take advantage of in Season 2 of Warzone.

But, if you are looking to use an already pre-made class; there are also an ample amount of blueprints within the game.

Here are three of the best ones!



Below are some of the best blueprints that you may already have within your locker, or that can be purchased via the in-game store. 



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The AS-VAL unfortunately only has three blueprints within the game as of writing, but they all serve different purposes.

The Malphas has an increased magazine, along with a stock that allows for increased movement around the Warzone map. Making it a versatile weapon in all regards! 


Midnight Sun

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Next is one of the cleanest skins when it comes to blueprints for the AS-VAL. 

Midnight Sun comes equipped with a Sniper Scope that offers long-range capabilities for the powerful rifle. 


Straw Man

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Last but not least is the Straw Man blueprint for the AS-VAL.

Contrasting the above ones, this variant is best used for mid and close-range encounters; and it will easily take down opponents who challenge you!

Be sure to let us know if you are still using the AS-VAL within Warzone! 


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