Activision Shuts Down Golden Gun Warzone Cheat Provider

Activision recently announced that the launch of Warzone Pacific and the start of Season 1 has been pushed back to December 8th. However, Vanguard players will still receive 24 hours of early access to Caldera, which will commence on December 7th.

A recent blog post published by Activision revealed how the RICOCHET anti-cheat will aim to reduce the number of account sellers and cheat providers selling hacks to players. The post also disclosed the arrival of the new PC kernel-level driver for Warzone. As the war on cheaters continues, Warzone's publisher has managed to shut down another cheat provider, known as Golden Gun.

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Activision Shuts Down Golden Gun Cheat Provider

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'ModernWarzone' confirmed the news on Twitter with a screenshot saying one of the Golden Gun moderators revealed that the provider would no longer be supporting any kind of cheating software for any Call of Duty title thanks to legal action from Activision.

Golden Gun is believed to be one of the more popular Call of Duty cheat providers and gained popularity thanks to the introduction of the Silent Aim feature. Players could easily gain access to these cheats and were usually resold by sellers with Golden Gun getting a cut. To put a halt to the selling of cheats, Activision issued legal action which has forced the hand of the cheat provider.

The Discord moderator also stated that the decision to stop supporting Call of Duty "has nothing to do with Activision's anti-Cheat and is entirely a legal matter." Activision has also warned them that failure in this order would leave Golden Gun open to an even bigger lawsuit.

Will Cheat Providers Be Entirely Removed?

Activision has managed to deal with a number of cheat providers by issuing cease & desists, with Golden Gun becoming the latest provider to be dealt with by the publisher. This combined with the imminent launch of RICOCHET should have a huge impact on the number of cheaters in Warzone and the number of providers distributing the hacks.

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