Warzone 2 Map: Leak Suggests A Desert Setting

Although the launch of a brand-new Warzone experience is several months away, the focus surrounding the next chapter of the battle royale is already growing.

Ahead of Season 2, Activision confirmed Infinity Ward is leading the development of Warzone 2 likely to launch alongside Modern Warfare II, the sequel to 2019's hugely successful Modern Warfare reboot.

Soon after the surprise announcement, several leakers revealed the potential location for the new Warzone map, and compared to Verdansk and Caldera, players can expect another huge shift for a new era of battle royale action.

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Desert Map Setting
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Warzone 2 Map

According to 'TheGhostOfHope', the next chapter of Warzone will take place in the Atacama Desert in South America. This coincides with reports revealing the Modern Warfare II campaign is set in Columbia. The release of Warzone 2 will mark the third map change in the short history of the battle royale which has recently introduced the Pacific island of Caldera.

In addition, Warzone 2 is reportedly a fresh start for the battle royale. The game is "built from the ground up" according to Infinity Ward, which is leading the development while Raven Software is returning to a support role.

When Is Warzone 2 Coming Out?

The release date for Warzone 2 has yet to appear but it's expected to arrive alongside the release of Modern Warfare II. As always, the annual Call of Duty release is likely to launch in Q4 of 2021 but due to Vanguard's poor sales figures, an October release is a possibility.

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