Dr Disrespect Shares Warzone 2 Doubts

Image showing Dr Disrespect on red background
Credit: YouTube / DrDisrespect

Image showing Dr Disrespect on red background
Credit: YouTube / DrDisrespect

Popular content creator Dr Disrespect never avoids an opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on the gaming industry. The co-founder of the Midnight Society studio often claims its Project Moon title will surpass any game currently on the market.

Having already shared their thoughts on Modern Warfare 2, the two-time turned their attention to the sequel to Warzone during a recent stream showcasing gameplay from the new Fortune's Keep map.

The Doc claims the interest in Warzone 2 will start on the right track before the battle royale experiences a "slow decline" in popularity.

Dr Disrespect Doubts Warzone 2 Success

Although there's no gameplay showcasing what Warzone 2 has to offer, recent leaks suggest major changes to Call of Duty's battle royale are on the way.

During a break from the high-octane gameplay, the Doc decides to share their thoughts on whether Warzone 2 could be the "savior" of the shooter franchise.

The streamer believes the initial popularity with Warzone 2 will fail to reach the popularity of peak Warzone in Veransk. I can see some initial hype but nothing like the original Warzone and the original Verdansk," says the Doc. "Unless they come up with something crazy, I don't know man. I don't think it'll run as fast as the Verdansk energy," adds the streamer.

The Pacific era of Warzone hasn't proven as popular as the Verdansk era and it's clear to see with a 50 million player decrease over the last 12 months.

With a return to a modern setting, there's a chance it could rekindle some of the magic from Warzone'e early days but it's clear to see the Doc's expectations are lower than many.

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