Vanguard Players Ask For More WWII Weapons in Season 5

Image showing Vanguard player crouching and holding rifle
Credit: Activision

Image showing Vanguard player crouching and holding rifle
Credit: Activision

The lack of identity is one factor that's managed to hold back the success of Vanguard multiplayer. With a confusing storyline with a clear focus on Warzone, Sledgehammer Games' title has failed to live up to the high expectations of fans.

Ahead of Season 4 Reloaded, many are wondering if the developer can end the current cycle on a high note with a fresh batch of content to regain the interest of players.

The start of a new season means new weapons arrive in the arsenal. and in a bid to improve multiplayer, players are suggesting more weapons from World War II should appear in Season 5 after recent additions missed the mark.

Players Want More WWII Weapons in Vanguard

When Vanguard launched in November 2021, players could choose between a total of 38 weapons from the World War II era. As more post-launch content arrived, a range of prototype weaponry joined the arsenal taking away from the 1940s theme.

In a bid to salvage some kind of realism, Reddit user "Tyler2incredible" asks the Vanguard developer to add some "legit WW2 guns" instead of weapons that are more suited to another period of history.

The addition of prototype guns has negatively impacted the theme of Vanguard much to the annoyance of players. If weapons such as the MG34 and the M1 Carbine make an appearance, there's a chance Season 5 can "round out the end of the cycle with some iconic WWII weaponry."

Plenty of commenters share the same opinion. "This game was way better in Season 1 but went off the rails."

As for potential additions, many would like the FG-42 assault rifle to appear in Season 5 while others want the Lee Enfield sniper to feature after using it in the single-player campaign.

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