Vanguard Cheaters Have Capability To End Matches Early

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Cheaters have been running rampant in Warzone for several months and while a dedicated anti-cheat for the battle royale is on its way, some cheaters have turned their attention to Call of Duty: Vanguard, much to the annoyance of the community. Players have been getting their first look at Vanguard's multiplayer during the beta but the experience for many has been negatively impacted by a small minority gaining an unfair advantage.

Hackers in Vanguard have been able to see through walls as well as being able to snap onto a target with ease, but this latest cheat has seen some hackers capable of ending a game at the flick of a switch.

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COD Vanguard Matches Ending Early

Vanguard End Game Cheaters

Hackers rarely feature in the annual Call of Duty releases but Vanguard has already had its fair share despite the full release of the game not releasing until November 5th. During a match on Gavutu, Twitter user @EasyStomps uploaded a clip of a hacker using some kind of wallhack before the game ended prematurely.


"You guys are terrible at this game," the hacker boasted. One player responded by stating that they were hacking. Clearly flustered by the response, the hacker then went on to say "uh oh, alright, ending the game, oops." Much to everyone's surprise, the end game screen appeared, confirming that the hacker could end the match at will.

Even though Vanguard is still in beta, the amount of control that hackers wield in multiplayer is hugely concerning. While Activision is focusing on Warzone's cheating problems, it might be worth the publisher taking action before the problem gets out of hand. Sledgehammer Games has yet to comment on the issue but it's highly likely that some kind of changes will be implemented to prevent hackers from ruining the fun.

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