Terminal Returning As Part Of COD Vanguard

Even though the release of COD: Vanguard is still several months away, the rumour mill surrounding the latest release in the popular first-person shooter is continuing to move. So far, there have been various leaks surrounding the maps that will be included in Vanguard's multiplayer, including the potential return of London Docks as part of the first seasons of post-launch content. Another leak has emerged, revealing that another iconic map from a much-loved title will also be making an appearance in the game set for a Q4 release.

This particular leak involves Terminal, one of the most popular maps that made its debut all the way back in Modern Warfare 2. Find everything you need to know about Terminal's potential return in this article!

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Terminal In COD: Vanguard

The leak comes from Call of Duty leaker @TheMW2Ghost, who has been accurate with a range of other map leaks prior to the release of a new Call of Duty title. The news was also corroborated by @ModernWarzone.

It's unclear as to why Sledgehammer Games would take one of Infinity Ward's most popular maps and implement it into a title set in World War 2, but this wouldn't be the first occasion of Sledgehammer Games using a classic Infinity Ward map in one of its titles. 2017s World War 2 saw Shipment receive a makeover and feature regularly in 24/7 playlists and the regular game modes.

Why Is Terminal Coming To COD: Vanguard?

Terminal COD Vanguard
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We're not too sure as to why this particular map will be returning to Call of Duty, especially when there is no clear connection between a game set in World War 2 and a game set in the modern day. Other than that, it appears that this is just another case of Sledgehammer Games utilising classic maps, giving them a facelift to reflect the setting of the game, and giving fans yet another trip down memory lane.

If recent reports are to be believed, there will be a total of eight multiplayer maps available to play when the game launches. Whether this number includes Terminal is another matter but having one of the most popular maps ever made coming back to Call of Duty is certainly exciting news!

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