Player Claims Vanguard Spawns Are the "Worst" in History

Whether you're new to Call of Duty games or a seasoned veteran, you'll know about the role of spawns and how they can determine the popularity of a multiplayer map. As the community gets to grips with Call of Duty Vanguard and its 16 maps, the spawns have come under intense scrutiny.

Despite the best efforts of Sledgehammer Games, Vanguard's spawn system has been far from popular, thanks to the game utilsing a squad spawn feature that often leads you to spawn in close proximity to a teammate whether you like it or not. One player has even gone as far as saying that Vanguard's spawns are the "worst" in the history of the franchise.

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COD Vanguard Spawns

Call of Duty Vanguard Spawns
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The issue of spawns was bought to the attention of the community by Reddit user 'MrBrentEC,' who regularly found themselves spawning directly into enemy gunfire or in front of an opponent that was prepared to score the easiest kill of their Call of Duty career.

The clip shows the player spawning into the map before being eliminated in under a second, much to their annoyance. While this is down to the spawns, the size of the map being played is also a key factor as to why this issue is so prevalent. Dome is one of the smallest maps available to play and there are only so many places where players can get back into the action. While this issue can be annoying, it's part and parcel of the smaller maps in Vanguard's pool.

Although the issue seems to be present on the smaller maps, the problem of squad spawns also appears on the larger maps which goes against the logic of spawning away from teammates that are being fired upon by the opposition.

When Will Vanguard's Spawns Be Fixed?

An exact date on when Vanguard's spawn issues will be fixed have yet to be addressed by Sledgehammer Games but considering the large amount of fine-tuning that needs to be performed in order to achieve some kind of balance, it could be several weeks until the situation improves.

While we wait for Vanguard's spawns to improve, check out the definitive assault rifle tier list as well as the best Type 100 loadout to use.

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