Vanguard Shi No Numa Easter Egg: Main Quest Guide

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After months of waiting, Vanguard Zombies finally has a round-based mode where players can slay endless waves of undead opposition. In addition to the fan-favourite mode, the Season 4 update includes a reimagining of the iconic Shi No Numa map.

As with most Call of Duty Zombies maps, players are always on the hunt for any Easter Eggs that could lead to clues pointing toward the next part of the storyline. As expected, the Vanguard Shi No Numa Easter Egg is proving extremely popular with Zombies fans.

The main quest contains a number of elaborate tasks for players to complete while fending off any opposition including building the Wunderwaffe DG2 Wonder Weapon. With that said, find out how to complete the Vanguard Shi No Numa Easter Egg in this guide containing all the steps you need to complete.

How to Complete Vanguard Shi No Numa Easter Egg

Thanks to Call of Duty Zombies extraordinaire MrDalekJD, we know all the details you need to complete the Shi No Numa Easter Egg as fast as possible.

Build The Wunderwaffe DG2

Firstly, head through the Flogger Courtyard and open the Fishing Hut to find the Weapon Barrel. It's on the shelf to the right of the door. Next, make your way to the Comm Room Exterior to find the Generator then insert the Weapon Barrel.

Advance into the Comm Room and check the radio to the right of the door. Go back to the Generator and finish the round to start the Defend the Radio Tower objective. Once complete, collect the barrel from the generator, head to the radio, and collect the Charged Vacuum Tube.

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Credit: Activision

Go into the other room inside the Comm Room area and find the Electrical Fuse Part on the table. Advance to the Storage Hut and spend 1K points to activate the nearby trap. It will malfunction on first use so wait around for a few seconds, insert the Electrical Fuse, and funnel any nearby Zombies through the trap.

Play through the rounds until you hit round 15 which is when Zabala will spawn inside the hut. Lead them to the Tesla Machine in the Excavation Room. Try to get the lightning attack to hit the machine until you receive a prompt to pick up the Vacuum Tube.

Make your way back to the Storage Hut to craft the Wunderwaffe DG-2 at the bench.

Collect Cypher Wheel Parts

As soon as you load into Shi No Numa, follow the prompts and open the door in the Comm Room or Storage before making your way to the Dig Site. Once you're there, find the Cypher Wheel Parts at the following locations:

  • On the table next to a bunk bed.
  • On the table in front of the Pack-A-Punch machine.
  • On the table to the left of the Max Ammo Box.

Once you've found the parts, head to the Doctor's Quarters and stand in front of the glowing Monolith. Allow a Boom Schrier to run in front of it and kill it at the right time to remove any obstructing vines.

Interact with the Monolith to insert the Cypher Wheels. When complete, make your way to the red stones at the edge of the Doctor's Quarters area to begin the Ceremony. If you're doing this in a group, players need to interact with each one at the same time.

Keep an eye out for any glowing Zombies. Let them approach the Monolith island then kill them with the Wunderwaffe. Don't worry if you miss the shot. Just wait until the next round and repeat the process.

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Credit: Activision

Collect Zombie Blood and Mirror Fragments

Use the Flogger Trap before heading to the Flogger Courtyard. As Zombies fly towards the Perk Fountain, wait for the fountain to fill with Zombie blood before drinking it.

Use the speed boost to find a red orb within the Mess Hall or the spawn room. Follow it until it stops to find the first mirror fragment. If the speed boost wears off, drink the blood again then head to the map in the War Room. Check for the X then head there to find the other fragment.

Shoot The Orbs

Before starting the search for the blue orbs, make sure you've got plenty of ammunition to use. Head to the Dig Site and place the mirror fragments onto the altar. Energise the podium and keep watch on the blue orb that floats into the air and towards one of four huts. Chase it and watch it move out of the map. As it relocates, shoot it three times.

Head back to the Dig Site and you're ready to summon Echo.

Defeating Echo

Once the fight is underway, keep looking for the glowing blue Zombies that appear. Let them reach the bottom of the dig site before killing them with the Wunderwaffe. Once enough have been eliminated, a large bubble will engulf the surrounding area. Make sure you're inside the bubble and keep firing on Echo until their immunity kicks in again.

Use the Wunderwaffe again to kill the blue Boom Schreiers rather than the regular undead enemies. Wait for the bubble and deal as much damage onto Echo before the immunity appears once again.

This time around, kill the blue Sturmkriegers with the Wunderwaffe to trigger another bubble. Unleash all you have left on Echo until they're dead.

Once they're no more, a cutscene will trigger and you'll earn a range of rewards including a unique Calling Card. If you need some visual references, check out MrDalekJD's video below to help you along the way.

That's how to complete the Vanguard Shi No Numa Easter Egg! For more on Vanguard, check out our page for the latest news, leaks, and guides.

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