Sledgehammer Games Teases "Fan-Favourite" Map for Vanguard Season 1

The start of Season 1 for Call of Duty Vanguard is right around the corner and while a lot of focus is on the widespread changes taking place in Warzone, Sledgehammer Games will be adding plenty of content into multiplayer and Zombies, much to the excitement of the community.

Alongside the new guns and Operators expected to make an appearance, the developer has teased the return of a "fan-favourite" map that will receive a makeover inspired by the Pacific. The map will be one of two releasing at the beginning of the season which kicks off on December 8th.

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Vanguard Season 1 Maps

Call of Duty Vanguard Season 1 Maps
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The exact details on which map will be appearing has yet to be revealed, but the news has got several players wondering which map from past titles could be added into the huge pool of battlefields. Prior to Vanguard's launch, there were rumours of iconic Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal making an appearance and considering the new Warzone Caldera map does feature an airport, this could well be the map making a return for the first time in several years.

Another map that was also rumoured to appear was London Docks from Call of Duty World War 2. It's unlikely that it will receive a Pacific makeover considering its location next to the River Thames, but stranger things have happened.

How Many Maps Are In Vanguard?

Prior to Season 1, there are 17 multiplayer maps for players to jump into, including a remade version of Shipment. Once the season gets underway, there will be a total of 19 maps, giving players a huge variety of arenas to showcase their skills.

While we wait for new intel on Vanguard's new maps, be sure to check out our Season 1 hub containing all of the latest news, leaks, and rumours.

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