Treyarch Adjusts Vanguard Ranked SR Progression

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Vanguard Ranked Play has proven a hit amongst players looking to get their competitive Call of Duty fix. The mode complete with settings used in the Call of Duty League (CDL) features a separate ranking system from standard multiplayer, allowing players to battle based on their Skill Rating (SR).

With Season 2 Reloaded officially underway, Treyarch has listened to community feedback on Ranked Play after players began sharing their frustrations surrounding SR gains and losses.

Rather than wait for another seasonal update, a range of updates has arrived, much to the delight of the competitive community.

Vanguard Ranked Play SR Changes
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Vanguard Ranked Play SR Changes

On March 28, Treyarch shared details on improvements to SR after players claim that the system is unfair after many lost over 50 SR after losing a match after a player abandoned the match. If it happens now, players will lose significantly less SR.

According to Lawrence Metten, lead game designer at Treyarch, the changes will "make wins more rewarding" and "losses less punishing." In addition, the update provides more consistency surrounding the amount of SR gained and lost after a match has taken place.

Vanguard Ranked Play Rewards

In addition to various SR changes, the Season 2 Reloaded update a few days earlier contained a wealth of rewards for those looking to reach the very top of their Ranked Play ladder. Rewards range from exclusive weapon camos to unique weapon blueprints available to use in standard multiplayer and Warzone.

The SR changes are a step forward as Treyarch constantly looks to improve the system that could well appear in Modern Warfare 2 once it launches.

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