Vanguard Ranked Play: How To Rank Up Fast

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After a slight delay, Vanguard Ranked Play is now live across all platforms. In comparison to standard Vanguard multiplayer, Ranked Play adds a further element of competition and is the perfect mode for players to get their fix of competitive Call of Duty action.

The mode uses the rules and restrictions seen in the 2022 Call of Duty League (CDL) in addition to a brand-new ranking system known as Skill Divisions. These divisions enable players to receive a rank based on skill, with the top percentage of players arriving in Challenger.


Working your way all the way up to Challenger is likely to take plenty of time, especially when events reset at the end of the week. With that said, there are some handy tips and tricks that will improve your chances of reaching the higher ranks. In this guide, find out how to rank up in Vanguard Ranked Play.

Vanguard Ranked Play How To Rank Up Fast

Vanguard Ranked Play Tips

There are some fundamental tips to follow if you want to end up in the higher Skill Divisions. Skill Rating (SR) is calculated based on match results alongside individual performance, so it's important to do your best even if the result doesn't go in your favour. Here's a breakdown of some surefire tips to keep your SR as high as possible.

Call of Duty Vanguard Ranked Play Tips

Adapt To Your Team

More often than not, players dropping into Ranked Play equip the MP40 submachine gun in a bid to top the scoreboard. On one hand, scoring plenty of kills can benefit your team but if they cause the opposition to spawn closer to the Hardpoint hill or Control Zone, there's a high chance your team will lose the match.

A match loss will take 61 SR from your current score compared to the 100 SR that's available to the winners of a match. If you see the opportunity to block spawns or take things slower with an Automaton in order to let your teammates thrive, take it and the victories will add up.


Always Play The Objective

Having played several Hardpoint matches, I find myself as the only member of my team that soaks up the hill time, guaranteeing the victory.

The temptation to run away from the objective is always high but scoring a couple of extra kills rather than scoring points that decide the game makes far more sense.

Playing the objective in Search & Destroy is just as important. Planting the bomb isn't the most glamourous of roles but it's one that's essential in order to win attacking rounds.


Vanguard Ranked Play Tips

How To Rank Up Fast

As with most competitive shooters, learning the nuances and mechanics of the game are essential. For Vanguard Ranked Play, the fastest way to move through the Skill Divisions is to keep winning and playing well.


That sounds easy enough but scoring over 20 kills in respawn modes and at least five eliminations in S&D every single time is far from easy. Playing well all of the time is only going to come with practice so don't be disheartened if you start off in Contender. Eventually, the form will develop and Challenger won't seem like a tall order.