Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign: Numa Numa Trail Walkthrough

Following on from the events of The Battle of Midway, Jackson's plane was shot down by a Japanese anti-aircraft gun, much to the annoyance of Mateo. After crashing deep in the Pacific jungle, it looked like all hope was lost for the ace pilot who had finally made a blunder.

Numa Numa Trail is the fifth mission in the Call of Duty Vanguard campaign and in this guide, you can find a detailed walkthrough of the entire mission, including some handy tips and tricks on how to complete the mission on Veteran difficulty.

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The Aftermath

Numa Numa Trail Mission Walkthrough
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After being severely injured in the crash, Mateo manages to free you from the burning wreckage of the plane, removing any debris that got lodged inside. After covering you with some leaves, a group of soldiers descent on the wreckage in a bid to find you. Slowly move away from the plane into a different piece of jungle.

Find Mateo

Once clear, you'll get the chance to use Jackson's Focus ability which makes it much easier to see any potential threats hidden in the trees. Use it to plot your next movements into safety. As you move further into the jungle, Mateo lets out a cry for help. Head towards the objective marker to find him.

Numa Numa Trail COD Vanguard
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As you get closer to Mateo, you'll encounter numerous enemies hidden within the undergrowth. Using the Focus ability will highlight them in yellow, making it much easier to spot and eliminate them.

Numa Numa Trail Jungle Call of Duty Vanguard
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After creeping through the jungle, you come across a small wooden hut, a possible location for Mateo to be held captive in. While Mateo is nowhere to be seen, there's a radio located on a table. Use it to call in some help before continuing the search for Mateo.

Tip: To silently eliminate the four soldiers that investigate the hut, there's a small ladder near the radio that leads to the roof, making it very easy to perform takedowns.

Numa Numa Trail COD Vanguard Mission Walkthrough
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Having explored a bit more jungle and crossed a perilous log bridge, you'll come across another plane wreckage intertwined within some trees. After exploring the wreck, you find a flare that is fired straight into the air in a last-ditch effort to get some kind of support. The flare alerts more soldiers to your location, so prepare for some kind of resistance before moving away from the wreckage.

With the path now clear, continue exploring the jungle for Mateo. Soon enough, the coughs begin to grow louder and after watching Mateo kill a Japanese soldier, more appear out of the darkness and take you, prisoner. As a camp leader prepares their samurai sword, Sergeant James Washington comes to the rescue.

Follow The 93rd

Numa Numa Trail Mission Walkthrough
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After clearing the jungle of enemies, you and the 93rd come across a wooden bridge before the bullet of a sniper rifle whizzes past. Jump down behind the vehicle before making a break for it across the bridge.

Tip: Stay in the tall grass and stay low to avoid being hit by the snipers that are impossible to spot.

As you move up the hill, you'll eventually spot the sniper. Pepper it with bullets to take down the rifler. Just as it looks safe, a number of soldiers ambush you from small holes in the ground. Take care of them quickly to find some cover. Soon after, you come across an even bigger outpost armed with barbed wire defences and machine-gun bunkers capable of taking you down in an instant.

Numa Numa Trail Call of Duty Vanguard
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Assist with helping the flamethrower carrier through then equip it to clear out the opposition. Continue advancing up the hill, clearing out the caves and destroying any cannons that could kill any Americans on the ground. Once the area is clear, Washington hands you a pair of binoculars and spots a plane hidden away in a hangar.

As the tanks roll in, head towards the right, clearing out any opposition blocking your pathway to the skies. Continue moving straight ahead towards the hangar and get inside the plane that's ready for take-off.

Numa Numa Trail Call of Duty Vanguard
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Steal The Plane

While you get comfortable in the cockpit, the rest of the squadron will push the plane onto the runway. While they do that, use the machine gun to fend off the enemy fighter plane and the waves of the opposition trying to prevent the take-off. Once in the air, a cutscene will trigger, ending the mission.


That's our complete walkthrough of Numa Numa Trail in the Vanguard campaign. For more guides, check out the best audio settings to be using and the best multiplayer weapons.

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