Vanguard Players Demand Return of Map Voting

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Since Call of Duty Vanguard was in its beta phase, several players have been requesting the addition of map voting into multiplayer to give them the ability to select which map is played. With Season 1 approaching and new maps expected to be added into the game, there's no sign of the feature being implemented into the game, much to the annoyance of some players.

With such a large variety of maps in Vanguard, players have been quick to decide their favourite multiplayer arenas and which ones to avoid, which often leads to some backing out of a game in a bid to jump into a map that they prefer.

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Vanguard Map Voting

Call of Duty Vanguard Map Voting
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Map voting was a common feature in previous Call of Duty titles. For an unknown reason, the feature was removed in 2019's Modern Warfare before making a welcome return in Black Ops Cold War. Many were hoping for the feature to remain in Vanguard, but Sledgehammer Games has opted to remove it despite plenty of demand for it to be included. Reddit user 'willfan8' decided to express their frustrations with a thread aptly titled "We need map voting please!"

The post gained plenty of support, with many also wanting the feature to make a return. Some players also suggested that map voting would enable the developers to keep track of which are the most popular maps, allowing them to make improvements to maps that aren't as popular. "I would rather play the same 6 good maps over and over than play the bad ones," one player added.

Will Vanguard Add Map Voting?


Considering that there is plenty of demand for map voting in Vanguard, it's surprising that the feature wasn't added into the game before it launched back in November. It's unclear as to whether it will arrive into Vanguard anytime soon but with Season 1 around the corner, there's a slight chance of it making an appearance.

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