Vanguard Has "Huge Problems" Says JGOD

'JGOD' Godoy has pointed out many bugs in Vanguard, and the list is just inexcusable. If you're having trouble completing challenges or your rewards aren't correct, he's already got them listed for Activision. The developer is to blame for most of these challenges, not you.

The Vanguard team hasn't even spoken. They should acknowledge that they will fix these things.

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Vanguard bugs

The video where JGOD talks about everything is here:

These are the biggest concerns for me:

  • In Vanguard, several proficiencies do not even exist for many weapons. Some challenges aren't even completable, and a QA team should have caught that.
  • In multiplayer, none of the reticle challenges work. The reticles work with Zombies but aren't great.
  • The Play of the Game doesn't work right. Everything is a ragdoll mess. That's fine for a Beta but not a Gold Standard.
  • The bullet just goes wherever it wants; the recoil isn't predictable.
  • Flinch. Flinch is just broken.

JGOD points out a lot of issues with the game, and to quote him:

"All this progress that you would be getting organically is just not happening because all your guns if you're going to be running an optic, you should be progressing towards those individual challenges. How can they still be bugged after all these years? If you can't manage to put all those challenges in the game, you probably shouldn't have them."

Before they take over Warzone, all of this needs to be fixed.

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