Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign: The Fourth Reich Walkthrough

Having executed their plan to perfection following their capture, Task Force One has escaped from the Nazis and is fully aware of what Project Phoenix could mean for the rest of the world. With Freisinger on the run, The Fourth Reich is the ninth and final mission from the Call of Duty Vanguard campaign.

As expected, the final battle to prevent the formation of the fourth Reich is full of epic moments but on Veteran difficulty, it can prove to be a tricky level to conquer. Find some handy tips and tricks alongside a complete mission walkthrough in this guide!

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Chase Freisinger

The Fourth Reich COD Vanguard
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Having broken out of your prison cell, the mission begins with you and the rest of Task Force One chasing down Freisinger, the mastermind behind the fourth Reich and Operation Phoenix. Hop into the vehicle to begin the pursuit through the underground tunnels. After a brief chase, exit the vehicle to deal with the tunnel defence planted by Freisinger.

Tip: The pistol is surprisingly accurate at longer distances and with a little bit of patience, a single bullet can put an end to the machine gunners.

The Fourth Reich COD Vanguard Campaign Ending
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Once the defence is clear, head deeper into the tunnel towards the next platform jam-packed full of foot soldiers attempting to halt your progress. A well-placed grenade can deal more than enough damage to clear the platform of any opposition. Once clear, head across the platform but be aware of an armoured soldier. As always, aim for the head to kill it as fast as possible. Make your way up the stairs and head to the right, dodging the civilians lining the corridors.

The Fourth Reich Mission Walkthrough COD Vanguard
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Preventing your exit from the station is a cluster of rubble. Interact with it to move it out of the way to continue the chase and prevent the Fourth Reich from taking place. Now you're on the surface and the Russians are beginning to exact their revenge after what happened in Stalingrad. Sprint across the park to keep within closing distance of Freisinger.

As expected, a wealth of Axis fighters are there to stop you. Take out as many soldiers before commanding the rest of the Task Force to take care of the half-tracks. As you head around the corner, an explosive almost takes you out of the action. Now back on your feet, the perspective of the mission switches over to Polina and her trusty sniper rifle.

Courtyard Clearance

Fourth Reich Courtyard Clearance COD Vanguard Campaign
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Now as Polina, it's time to reach a vantage point and lay waste to the Axis soldiers allowing Freisinger to get away. Head to the right and through several crawlspaces before reaching a building that looks on the verge of collapsing. To the left of the hole are some bright red bricks with the yellow blanket at the top. Climb up the wall and navigate through the building until you can see the courtyard.

the Fourth Reich COD Vanguard Campaign
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Now you're in the perfect vantage point, open fire on anyone attempting to shoot the Russians and your fellow Task Force One members. Eventually, a number of Flamenauts will spawn in. Shoot the gas tanks at the back for a quick kill. Once the last one has been eliminated, the perspective switches back to Lucas and his range of explosives.

Destroy The Tanks

The Fourth Reich COD Vanguard Campaign
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Thanks to Polina's sharpshooting, it's now Lucas' time to shine with his explosive prowess. Three tanks will appear so switch to the remote detonation explosives and stick them nearby to clear them away as fast as possible.

Tip: The tank on the far right can be difficult to access due to a lack of cover so just attempt a hail Mary and hope the explosive damage does enough. If not, repeat the process until the tank is no more!

Destroy The Barricade

The Fourth Reich COD Vanguard Campaign
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With all three tanks decimated, advance towards the front of the building that has been fortified by a huge metal barricade. Thankfully this is no match for Lucas. Throw a grenade into the small gap at the top of the barricade to cause an almighty explosion.

Get To The Airfield

Now it's the turn for Jackson to show his mettle. Head through what remains of the front entrance and eliminate any opposition controlling the balconies.

Tip: Don't forget to use Focus to immediately snap onto a target and kill them with a single bullet.

the Fourth Reich COD Vanguard Campaign Single Player
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The enemy troops will begin to retreat once the MGs have been dealt with, so follow them closely to clean up any stragglers falling behind. Head right to find a locked door full of enemy voices. Lucas passes you a grenade to clear the room with ease.

After a short cinematic cutscene, continue running towards the airport hangar that's filled with armoured soldiers, snipers, and plenty of foot soldiers. Kill them as quickly as you can before heading to the left side of the hangar to open the door. Freisinger will be entering a vehicle.

Capture Freisinger

Call of Duty Vanguard Capture Freisinger Fourth Reich
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As the doors fly open, Freisinger begins to speed away. Sprint across the runway avoiding all kinds of gunfire and explosives in a last-ditch effort to capture the mastermind behind Operation Phoenix. Once you reach the fence, Freisinger is right around the corner so keep ducking and diving to get close enough. Once you are, use the prompt to tackle him to the ground.

Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign the Fourth Reich
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After a short conversation, Polina soaks Freisinger in oil before throwing you a lighter. Set him on fire to trigger the final campaign cutscene. Once aboard the plane, you discover the dastardly plans of Operation Phoenix including the locations of the next targets. Further intel also unveils details on Project Nova and Project Aether, sound familiar?


There you have it, that's how to complete The Fourth Reich in Call of Duty Vanguard. For more guides, find the best audio settings to use along with the best MP40 loadout for multiplayer.

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