Sledgehammer Games to Address Cold Blooded Aim Assist Glitch

Season 1 for Call of Duty Vanguard is in full swing and as players get stuck into the Festive Fervor event challenges, it appears that the Cold-Blooded Perk is causing several players to lose their aim assist when attempting to score a kill.

For those that use a controller, aim assist ensures players land their shots with deadly accuracy but when attempting to fight a Cold-Blooded user, it switches the feature on and off, much to the annoyance of players. While this may seem like a trivial problem, it makes it much harder for players to succeed over the course of a match which is far from ideal.

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Vanguard Cold Blooded Aim Assist Glitch

Vanguard Cold Blooded Aim Assist Glitch
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Several players were quick to report the issue and it appears Sledgehammer Games is already taking swift action in a bid to resolve the problem quickly. @INTELCallofDuty spotted that the issue has been added to the developer's Trello board, meaning that the problem is being investigated.

Despite the significance of the issue, Cold Blooded hasn't been disabled meaning you may encounter problems when attempting to deal with anyone using the Perk to remain undetected from any AI-controlled killstreaks.

When Will The Aim Assist Glitch Get Fixed?

Although Sledgehammer Games is investigating the problem, an exact date on when it will be fixed has yet to be revealed. With Christmas right around the corner, there's every chance that it may not arrive before 2021 comes to a close. Issues of this nature are hugely annoying but it's important the developer implements a functioning fix rather than one that's rushed and causes more issues.

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