Call of Duty Players Reveal Why They've Not Bought Vanguard

As Season 1 Reloaded for Call of Duty Vanguard nears, there are still thousands of players that drop into multiplayer to get their fix of fast-paced action the franchise is synonymous with. The latest title from Sledgehammer Games takes Call of Duty back to World War 2, much to the annoyance of several members of the community.

According to a report published by, Call of Duty players have revealed why they chose not to invest their money into Vanguard, a game that has received plenty of mixed reviews since it launched in November 2021. The report reveals numerous reasons as to why players have chosen to avoid Vanguard, with nearly 700 fans taking part in a survey to share their thoughts.

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Why Aren't People Buying Call of Duty Vanguard?

Why Are People Not Buying COD Vanguard?
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Out of 671 gamers that took part, 284 stated that they have purchased a Call of Duty title within the last five years. Out of those, only 59 revealed that they bought Vanguard which works out at just 21%. So why did the remaining 79% avoid parting ways with their cash?

55% of people said they've been busy playing other titles while 34% revealed that they've played "too much" Call of Duty, leading them to avoid picking up the most recent release. The next biggest factor was the return to a World War 2 setting, with 24% stating that they simply weren't interested in another game set in that particular period of history.

The remaining percentage cited several reasons, including waiting for the likes of Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042 to launch and being happy with what Warzone, which is free-to-play, had to offer. Could this be a sign of integration between the battle royale and the annual release having a negative impact?

With such a lack of interest in Vanguard, it's unlikely that a sequel will be commissioned but with COD 2022 heavily rumoured to be a sequel of 2019's Modern Warfare, will the next game spark another resurgence for the franchise that may have already hit a dead end this early into the game cycle? We will have to wait and see.

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