CDL Pros Slam Sniper Rifle Restriction

While a lot of attention has been on the launch of Season 1 Reloaded for Call of Duty Vanguard, the 12 teams participating in the Call of Duty League (CDL) have been hard at work practicing ahead of the start of the 2022 season. During the build-up to the opening weekend which kicks off at the beginning of February, it has been revealed that sniper rifles have been restricted for the second year in a row, much to the disappointment of fans.

The decision comes after some professional players deciding the rifles to be overpowered, leading them to be added to the Gentlemen's Agreement (GA), an unofficial list of bans determined by the players.

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CDL Sniper Rifle Ban

Vanguard CDL Sniper Rifle Ban
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The news was reported by @INTELCallofDuty, who confirmed the changes had taken effect. The lack of sniper rifles in competitive Vanguard quickly generated plenty of opinions from all areas of the community. Sam "Octane" Larew of the LA Thieves revealed that he would prefer that snipers remain in the meta.

The decision to remove snipers altogether is a particularly strange one, especially when smoke grenades can be utilised in order to block specific lines of sight. This combined with the fact that they're hardly the most overpowered set of weapons in Vanguard adds even more confusion to the situation. According to the report, all 12 teams voted in favour of removing snipers in favour of keeping smokes in the game.

Will Snipers Return To Competitive Vanguard?

Whether sniper rifles make a return during the Vanguard season remains to be seen. If Sledgehammer Games responds to community feedback and adjusts smoke grenades and the performance of snipers, there's a chance they could be taken off the GA list but it's unlikely.

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