The Best Multiplayer Perks in Call of Duty Vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard is now available across all platforms and millions of players are getting to grips with an all-new multiplayer offering from Sledgehammer Games. With a fresh set of maps and a new arsenal of weapons to master, there are also some brand-new Perks to use in a bid to build the very best multiplayer loadout.

Perks have been a staple of COD multiplayer since they first appeared in Call of Duty 4 and in Vanguard, they provide some unique benefits including silent footsteps, faster movement speed, and the ability to restock tactical equipment. With that said, what are the best Perks to use in Vanguard multiplayer? Find out here!

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Best Vanguard Multiplayer Perks

Best COD Vanguard Perks
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Perk 1

  • Ninja

The Perk 1 category in Vanguard is perhaps the most tricky to determine which is the best, especially when there are so many options to select. After plenty of deliberation, we eventually decided on Ninja thanks to its silent movement and reduced damage when falling from a height.

Best COD Vanguard Perks Ninja
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Perk 2

  • Forward Intel

Despite Radar allowing you to see any unsuppressed gunfire on the minimap, Forward Intel goes one better and reveals the location of where the opposition is spawning, making it very easy to read their next movements. Large red squared will appear when enemy reinforcements get back into the action alongside the minimap showing a larger area, improving levels of awareness.

Forward Intel COD Vanguard Perk
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Perk 3

  • Lightweight

The third and final Perk slot was another tough choice, with several options to improve the versatility of a loadout. Eventually, we settled on Lightweight as the best Perk thanks to the additional movement speed it provides. With faster movement, it's much easier to navigate the map quickly and to outmanoeuvre any nearby opposition with ease.

Lightweight COD Vanguard Perk
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There you have it! These are the best Perks to be using as part of your loadout in Vanguard multiplayer. If Sledgehammer Games decides to make any adjustments to the Perks, we will update this article if any other Perks have taken the top spot.

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