Players Claim Vanguard Attack on Titan Bundle is Pay to Win

The Call of Duty franchise is no stranger when it comes to joining forces with other series to create incredible crossovers. The most recent crossover to take place involved hugely popular anime Attack on Titan and Call of Duty Vanguard.

The first bundle that launched on January 20 led to fans expressing their frustrations on the themed content bundle containing a Supply Corps Operator Skin, weapon blueprints, and a new Finishing Move.

Ahead of a second bundle due to arrive in Season 2, players have managed to discover the Finishing Move allows them to evade incoming gunfire, leading some to brand it as "pay-to-win."

Vanguard Attack on Titan Pay to Win
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Vanguard Attack on Titan Bundle Pay-to-Win

This isn't the first time players have uncovered a pay-to-win item. Throughout Season 1, a number of blueprints featured attachment combinations that can't be created in the Gunsmith, giving players an unfair advantage.

A Reddit post published by 'Dreamweaver_duh' showcases the AoT finishing move in action and while it's a spectacular way to score a kill, players were quick to spot the Operator moving out the way of incoming gunfire.

Despite claims of the move falling under the pay-to-win category, several members of the community love the idea of managing to perform the deadly deed with such precision. "That looked really badass," replied one user.

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Is The Attack on Titan Bundle Pay to Win?

It may look like the Attack on Titan Finishing Move is pay-to-win but it's clear to see the move adds a fresh dose of variety to Vanguard multiplayer. It will be interesting if Sledgehammer Games decides to change the brutal assassination in a future update but in the meantime, it's here to stay.

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