Best Modern Warfare 2 Lockwood 725 loadout 2022

Image showing 725 shotgun from Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Credit: Activision
Latest Update: October 13, 2022 -

The Lockwood 725 didn't appear in the beta, leading many to think it will arrive in the full multiplayer build.

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Over the course of Call of Duty history, certain weapons have stood out from the crowd thanks to their incredible power and there's a chance the best Modern Warfare 2 Lockwood 725 loadout could dominate.

In the majority of cases, it's the shotguns that gain notoriety and ascend into franchise folklore. The most recent shotgun to dominate matches is the 725 from 2019's Modern Warfare and with Modern Warfare 2 around the corner, there's a chance new weapons could dominate.

Prior to patches, it was capable of eliminating opposition from several hundred metres away and with more intel emerging, some are beginning to wonder if it will make a return. Following a leak unveiling the Modern Warfare 2 gun list, fans are starting to find more intel on what multiplayer has to offer. So, is the Lockwood 725 in Modern Warfare 2? Here's everything we know about the shotgun appearing in 2022's Call of Duty game.

Is the 725 in Modern Warfare 2?

According to "Reality," a Call of Duty dataminer, the 725 is one of several fan-favourite guns making a return in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer after the leaker uncovered its file within the Warzone Mobile files.

No one is sure as to why the battle royale contains so much Modern Warfare 2 content but it's exciting to hear the weapon arsenal will contain a variety of new and returning guns.

Image showing 725 shotgun from Call of Duty Modern Warfare
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Credit: Screengrab via Activision

725 Call of Duty history

For those that don't know, the 725 has a storied history in Call of Duty although it's only appeared in one game. The overpowered nature of the shotgun enabled players to eliminate opposition with a single shot regardless of distance.

A patch to nerf the ridiculous range of the shotgun saw it drop in popularity but for the weeks where it dominated across the board, it cemented its place as one of the most controversial weapons in franchise history.

Is the Lockwood 275 in the Modern Warfare 2 beta?

With the Modern Warfare 2 beta rumoured to take place in the middle of September, there's a chance of the Lockwood 725 making an appearance as one of a handful of guns available to use over the two weekends.

Considering the popularity of close-quarters engagements in a Call of Duty match, there's a chance this particular shotgun will appear in the beta that will act as the perfect chance for Infinity Ward to balance weapons before the full game launches in October.

That's everything we know about the Lockwood 725 appearing in Modern Warfare 2. If the gun appears in the beta, be sure to check back to find the best Lockwood 725 Modern Warfare 2 loadout.

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