What Time is Borderlands 3 Directors Cut Released?

Borderlands 3's second season pass closes out this week with the game's final (for now) piece of premium DLC, The Director's Cut.

We're expecting a new boss, more weapons, Diamond Vault Keys, behind the scenes goodies for longtime fans, and plenty more.

In fact, you can find out all we know about the upcoming content here. As for when you can play it? We've got great news.

What Time is Borderlands 3 Directors Cut Released?

After being delayed, we know that the expansion is dropping on April 8 – that's tomorrow, as we're writing this.

Our earliest guesses to be able to log in and start playing are that UK gamers may have to wait until around 8 PM UK time to get in.

Of course, we could get more details soon, including the opportunity to pre-load, although we'll have to wait for info from Gearbox.

As for what's new? Check out the full rundown here.

Did you know there's a Borderlands movie coming? Not only with Cate Blanchett play Lilith and Kevin Hart play Roland, the movie will be directed by Eli Roth.

Oh, and there's the small matter of Jack Black playing ClapTrap to look forward to, as well.

Find out all we know here.

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