26 Jul 2021 11:25 AM +00:00

Borderlands 3 Black Market Location This Week (July 22-29)

In Borderlands 3, Maurice’s black market vending machine sells some of the rarest items in the game through legendary loot. Since it arrived, the vending machine concept instantly became a hit with players who really want to try their luck to secure such prized items.

But the catch about Maurice’s black market vending machine is that it has no permanent location. It moves from one place to another every week which seems to be an added challenge for players.

Yet do not worry because we got you covered. Here’s where you can find Maurice’s black market vending machine in Borderlands 3 this week (July 22-29), including the items in this week’s loot pool.

What is Maurice’s Black Market Location in Borderlands 3 This Week?

The current location of Maurice’s black market location in Borderlands 3 is Devil’s Razor on Pandora.

What is Maurice’s Selling in Borderlands 3 This Week?

The items in Maurice’s black market vending machine varies from week to week. From July 22 to July 29 Maurice has been selling the following:


The location of Maurice and his rewards will change over once again on July 22, so be sure to grab these rewards on offer whilst they're still available.

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