Is Blue Protocol Coming To PS4?

MMORPG fans are really hoping that Blue Protocol eventually comes to the West, as the game has some of the best anime visuals we’ve ever seen, not to mention a promising-looking world that fans of the genre desperately want to explore with their friends and some cool monsters that will likely put up one hell of a fight if players aren’t ready.

The game also looks like it could be a worthy rival to other MMORPGs in the West like Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft, though many will likely compare the game to the popular Genshin Impact since they both have anime-like visuals, though the gameplay seems to be different since Blue Protocol looks to be a more traditional MMORPG, whereas Genshin Impact is more suited for solo play.

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Is Blue Protocol Coming To PS4?

It’s not yet known if Blue Protocol will be coming to any other system aside from PC, though many gamers are hoping it will come to the PS4 as the console has been home to many hit Japanese games.

Currently, it’s not yet known if Blue Protocol will call any other system it's home aside from PC since it seems like Bandai Namco is going to gauge its success first before bringing it to other consoles, though one can dream.

We’re sure a Blue Protocol PS4 release is, at the least, in consideration since there are a number of MMORPGs that have done well on the platform.

The PS5 is also pretty hard to get your hands on right now so we wouldn’t be too surprised if a Blue Protocol PS4 release is planned before getting an upgraded port for the next-gen console.

As of this writing, Blue Protocol doesn’t have a release date but will be coming to Japan later this year.

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